What to Do When an LFX25950TT LG Ice Maker Is Not Working?

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    Ice Maker Switched Off

    • The ice maker has its own separate power switch located on the side of the mechanism; turning it to the "O" position stops ice production. Move the switch to the position marked "I" and allow 12 to 24 hours for new cubes to appear in the storage container.

    Automatic Shutoff Arm Raised

    • A metal arm hangs above the ice cube storage container that, when raised above a set height, switches off ice production. The arm is a safeguard that stops cubes from piling up and overflowing out of the storage container. Smooth down the pile of cubes and remove any obstructions to the motion of the sensor arm to restart production.

    Restricted Water Supply

    • Move the refrigerator forward to check for kinks or blockages in the water supply line. The appliance might be standing on its supply line or positioned in a way that restricts the flow of water to the ice maker. Straighten out any kinks and make sure the shutoff valve is switched on.

    High Temperatures

    • The ice maker compartment must be below 15 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 9 degrees Celsius before ice cube production begins. The refrigerator compartment temperature might be set too high, causing the internal computer to suspend ice production. Set the refrigerator to 37 degrees Fahrenheit or 3 degrees Celsius and the freezer to 0 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 18 degrees Celsius for best results. Temperature changes take 24 hours to come into full effect.

    Dispenser Locked

    • The dispenser lock stops children from using the water or ice dispenser while unsupervised. Hold the "Alarm/Lock" button until the padlock icon in the bottom right corner of the LCD display disappears, usually after about three seconds, to cancel the lock and activate the ice dispenser.

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