Wedding Rings As a Traditional Marriage Gift

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Most people the world over wear their wedding rings on the left hand, specifically on the fourth finger to signify fidelity to marriage.
Others however wear it on the ring finger of the right hand.
Those practicing Hinduism especially in India however wear a bichiya or a toe ring for the same purpose.
The wearing of wedding band is a tradition that originated from the Egyptians and the Greeks who believed that wearing it on the fourth finger will strengthen love because the vena amoris of the vein in the fourth finger travels directly to the heart.
It is believed that marriage is characterized by a series of gifts and the ring is the last of the series.
Included in the series of gifts are the engagement rings, which are given during the betrothal stage and the eternity ring, which is given as a sign of a lasting marriage.
It is also traditional to engrave the names of each couple as well as the wedding date on the inside of the bands.
This has given rise to the popularity of these items as heirlooms, usually given by the female family members to their oldest sons who in turn give them to their brides.
The exchange of rings during the actual wedding ceremony is not really followed among Eastern Catholic Christians and members of the Eastern Orthodox Church.
What they do is exchange rings during the betrothal in what they call the two-ring ceremony.
There is also a difference between British and world traditions as to who brings these items to the ceremony.
While the usual practice is to have the ring bearer (who is usually a male young child) bring them during the ceremony, the British leave this task to the best man.
But no matter what tradition you follow, wedding rings are universally designed to be a symbol of love and fidelity between a married couple.
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