How to Convert Advantix Film to CD

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    • 1). Take the Advantix film into the film development facility. When you develop the film ask if they can place the images onto a CD for you. Many locations have the ability to do this; if so, they can save you a great deal of time.

    • 2). Take the developed pictures back home if the facility isn't able to place the images onto a CD.

    • 3). Power on your computer and scanner, then place the first image onto the bed of the scanner and launch the Scanner and Camera Wizard (click "Start," "All Programs, "Accessories" and finally "Scanner and Camera Wizard").

    • 4). Select "Scan" and the picture scans into the computer. Type in a name for the picture and select your save location, then click "Save." The new document saves to your computer. Repeat this process with all of the images.

    • 5). Insert a blank CD into the CD burner of your computer and launch the CD burning software.

    • 6). Select to create a data CD, then click and drag the scanned images into the main viewing area of the program window. Click "Burn" and the Advantix images are placed onto the blank CD.

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