How to Market With Registered Mail

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    • 1). Design and produce marketing materials that will have a powerful impact on your target audience. Because you are using Registered Mail, customers are more likely to pay attention to the contents. Instead of using traditional postcards or simple mailers, use items with more value, like discounts, physical objects, product samples, or three-dimensional marketing pieces like pop-up brochures or photo books. You might also use materials that involve secret or valuable technologies, like software samples or design plans.

    • 2). Identify key members of your target audience. Because of the increased cost of Registered Mail pieces, you should choose recipients carefully. Research companies that are your dream customers, who could increase your business and grow your profits significantly. Be realistic in your search, and choose clients who are within the reach of your company's capabilities. Gather contact information for the decision-maker in each company so that your marketing materials reach the right person.

    • 3). Tailor each package to the needs of the individual decision-maker. You might add in flyers or sell sheets for products or services that meet the company's needs, thereby letting them know that you have done your research carefully. Include materials that are appropriate to the individual: do not include overly-technical information for a business manager, for example, but save them for an engineering director. Once the Registered Mail has caught the recipient's attention, personal details can draw them in further.

    • 4). Package your items according to USPS standards. Registered Mail can be used with First-Class Mail and Priority Mail; consider bringing the piece in a box that can be packaged at your Post Office for the highest level of security, or pack it carefully yourself and have it rewrapped on site.

    • 5). Choose extra services. The USPS offers extra services along with Registered Mail, like signature or delivery confirmation, and return receipts. If you want to ensure that your marketing piece arrives directly to the person on the address label, consider sending it with the restricted delivery service to ensure that it reaches them and creates a sense of importance about the package. Send the piece and track it online to see when it arrives and measure response time.

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