What Cleans Rust the Best?

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    Mild Acidic Liquid

    • Rust on flat (or semi-flat) hard surfaces can break away from the rust stain and is the easiest to remove. A mild acid --- in the form of undiluted white vinegar, or ever coca-cola --- helps break down the rust particles. After letting the liquid work into the rust, a household scrubbing brush worked repeatedly over the rusty surface can remove the rust, as well as the stain it has produced.

    Pumice Stone

    • After applying the acid in Step 1 and cleaning with the brush, any stubborn rust patches or stains can be removed with a pumice stone. Made of porous volcanic rock, the stone should be placed in warm water before it is rubbed over the rust area. The pumice is far less likely to scratch household surfaces than a standard wire sponge for cleaning pots, but don't apply too much pressure.

    Salt And Lemon Juice

    • The acids from household vinegar can eat into fabric and destroy it, so it should not be used for rust stains on clothing. Instead, use lemon juice and salt. Salt is poured onto the rust stain, and lemon juice poured into the salt until the salt is mostly soaked through. After roughly a half hour, rinse with cold water.

    Ammonia And Water

    • For tough rust stains on fabric, apply a mixture of 2 tablespoons of ammonia and 4 cups of water with a cloth. Then rinse in cool water.

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