How to Make Your Ex Want to Be With You Again - Don"t Try Too Hard and it WILL Happen Naturally!

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Okay, so maybe you really do want to make your ex want to be with you again, but is this a true feeling, or is it only because you are still getting over the break up? This is exactly why people who are still reeling over a broken relationship are told to take some time to get over the trauma of the break up first.
There are too many bad emotions floating around inside you to allow you to think as you should.
So, be clever, and stop worrying about your ex for now, and give yourself time to get over the break up properly.
Put the break up and your ex totally out of your mind for a few days, and see just how much better you feel by that time.
You might even find that you feel great not having to rely on your ex being with you all the time, and decide to hold on a little longer.
This will be even more evident if you spend time with your family and friends.
You enjoy their company, and they like having you around, so why spoil these times bothering about something that might not even happen? In other words, what I'm trying to say is, don't try and push things along.
Leave them be, carry on with your life, and let nature take its course.
If you and your ex are meant to be together, then it will happen naturally.
In any case, the fact that you aren't hounding your ex all the time, could very well make your ex want to be with you again.
Because you are having a good time with your family and friends right now, the bad feelings you have inside you will gradually fade, and you'll start to look and feel a whole lot better.
This is even better, because, when your ex sees you again, those feelings of longing for you are going to get stronger and stronger, until he/she can't stand it any more.
From now on, you don't have to even try at all, just being there and looking the way you do, will make your ex want to be with you again.
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