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The Gold Coast - The Ultimate Learn To Surf Destination

If you are considering learning how to surf (and I mean really learn, not just have 1 lesson, brag to your friends at work and forget about it), there really is no better place to do it than on Australia's Gold Coast. Here are the main reasons why the Gold Coast is the ultimate surfers playground.

The Weather:

The weather on the Gold Coast is never too cold to make you want to stay indoors or dry. It is always warm enough to go for a surf.

To prove the point, the following list details our average monthly maximum temperatures over the last 15 years (°C). Our annual average is 24.9°
January - 28.5°
February - 28.3°
March - 27.6°
April - 25.6°
May - 23.1°
June - 21.2°
July - 21.0°
August - 21.5°
September - 23.5°
October - 24.9°
November - 26.4°
December - 27.5°

Variety Of Beach Brakes and Waves:

One of the great benefits of the Gold Coast beaches is they are, by and large, sandy beaches. There are a few stony areas but these, by and large, are few and far between. This is excellent news for the learner. When you wipeout, the sand is soft, pliable and very forgiving. Well, much more forgiving than a reef break, or one that has a bottom of stone.

That being said, from Duranbah in New South Wales through to The Other Side (TOS) at South Stradbroke Island, we have beach after beach of world class waves to surf. We have some of the most famous point breaks in the world, with Snapper Rocks and Burleigh Heads constantly producing amazingly long right handers. And it is at these point breaks that we host the first ASP World Championship Tour event, during February - March every year.

If you are a little like me though, and are happy to trade off a small amount of wave quality, for a large amount of the crowds, our beach breaks are just the thing. We have mile after mile after mile of sandy beach breaks. The more famous of these beaches include Kirra and of course Surfers Paradise. Some lesser known beach names include Main Beach, Mermaid Beach, Nobby's Beach, Tugan and Miami. There is rarely a day where there is an unridden break or two along the magnificent Gold Coast Stretch

So you see that we have waves here that are ideal for learning to surf, where mistakes will not cause an injury. As you progress though, we also have waves that will challenge you, push you and help you become the best surfer you possibly can be. What more could you want?
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