What Are Civic Duties?

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    • Voting is a right that is also considered a civic duty. As with other civic duties, employers are required by law to provide an employee with paid time off from work in order to vote.

    Jury Duty

    • Serving on a jury is another example of a civic duty. Jurors are needed in order to ensure justice for the accused and provide smooth operation of the judicial system.

    Serving As a Wtiness

    • Responding to a subpoena to serve as a witness in a court case is a civic duty.

    Public Service

    • Serving on a public service board or other similar committee constitutes a civic duty.

    Military Service

    • Often, individuals leave civilian life to take part in short-term uniformed service, such as serving in the military reserves. This is also considered a civic duty.

    Civic Responsibilities

    • Civic duties are not to confused with civic responsibilities, which include signing a petition, writing to an elected representative, or generally abiding by the law. These activities do not fall under the aforementioned civic duty leave.

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