5 Reasons Diets Fail: Are You Making One of These Mistakes?

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Lots of people people see a diet as a short-term sacrifice intended to get excess weight off. Most finish the diet, go back to their old eating habits, and regain the weight, sometimes even gaining more.
So what are the reasons many diets don't work?

1. People blame their weight on bad genetics or heridetary reasons
While it's certain that genes have something to do with being overweight, people need to use their "bad" genes as a reason to turn to really search out a good solution. We all need to do something more about our genes than just complain about them or give into them.

2. People can put too much stock in fad diets
When celebrities speak, people follow. Fad diets are too often extreme or bizarre and the results are disastrous. People should seek weight solutions not because they're paid but because it's safe, it's science, and it works.

3. They use ultra low-fat "solutions"
Low-fat diets that replace fats with extra sugars and starches have proven over time to be a weight-loss disaster. The science is in. Low-fat diets don't work. Here's the best reason to have sufficient fat in your diet: if you cut out virtually all fat, your body will start storing fat. If you cut out the fat in an extreme way; you'll start to activate a hormone cascade that can lead to exhaustion, depression, insulin resistance, inflammation, memory loss, and so forth. Fat doesn't necessarily make you fat. Empty nutrition, too much insulin, and unhealthy fats do.

4. People neglect breakfast
The only reason to ever skip breakfast is if all you're eating is donuts or sugary cereals. Skipping breakfast is the very best way to slow down your metabolism and help you store extra fat. Again and again studies have proven that those who regularly eat breakfast will have fewer calories throughout the day. Those who skip breakfast get fatter because their natural body chemistry forces them to have too many calories later in the day. They're probably eating too much before bed, which is one of the worst habits for those who struggle with their weight.

5. They follow government guidelines rather than smarter ones
We all need to understand that one of the major functions of government and politics is to gather funding and not antagonize voters or powerful lobbies. Solid science isn't necessarily on the list of those they don't want to offend. The recent food-guide pyramids and plates put out by the government are compromises, and do not necessarily represent the best science.

Try this solution [http://www.loseexcessfatnow.info], which has worked for me and my wife, for yourself for a few weeks then try the "balanced" diet the government recommends with all its empty foods, high carbs, low fat, high starch, pasta, breads, sugars, etc. You'll be able to tell from how you feel in each program which one works best.
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