Stress Management and Mastery: 3 Key Distinctions

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So much has been written about stress management.
But stop and consider this for a moment: why just manage something when you can master it? Knowing and using these three key distinctions are the beginning of mastering stress.
Key distinction 1 - Fight or Flight The fight or flight response is hard wired into our nervous system.
A long time ago when the saber tooth tiger jumped out of the bushes, we had a choice: fight the tiger or run for all you are worth.
Today when the idiot driver cuts you off or the boss yells at you, you have the same fight or flight reaction.
These days we fight by yelling and screaming, or flee into the TV, over work, addictions and other forms of psychic numbness.
Key distinction 2 - Stress or distress Bad events can be stressful.
Well, duh.
Did you know that good events can be stressful as well? Graduating, marriage, having kids, moving, and promotions are all good things potentially, and still be a significant source of stress.
Key distinction 3 - Stress or pressure Stress comes from the outside, such as a deadline or expectation.
Pressure, on the other hand, is an inside job.
Pressure is what we tell ourselves about the stress.
The great thing is we get to control what we tell ourselves about the stress.
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