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DUI Client Testimonials
"I was ready to put an Interlock in my car when I went and spoke to Attorney Steinberger. He told me that I should request an MVA hearing instead. He was absolutely right. On the day of the hearing, Attorney Steinberger argued my case and the Judge told me that I could keep my license." - C.V.

"I was amazed at Jeffrey's professionalism, knowledge and determination. He is well informed about DUI law and will fight for you and your rights!"  S.D.

I was charged with a DUI. After a few court appearances we went to trial and won. No DUI, no probation. I would recommend him to anyone."  G.S.

"My daughter was recently pulled over for a DUI and I was so worried about it going on her record. Attorney Steinberger beat the charges against her and now her record is clean. He was amazing! We are so thankful!!"  - R.D.

"I had a .14 BAC blood and .14/.13 breath BAC. Attorney Steinberger worked tirelessly on my case and was able to obtain a dismissal of all charges. Thank you Attorney Steinberger, you're the best!"  A.K.

"Attorney Steinberger, thank you so much for winning my battle and getting my case dismissed. Your expertise in the local court system and all facets of DUI defense proved second to none. Hiring you as my defense attorney was a great decision. Now I can put this trying experience behind me. You are the best! Thanks again."  S.C.

In California, fighting a DUI case involves complicated procedures, sentencing and administrative license issues. You must have a clear cut understanding of the rules defined by the National Highway Traffic Administration, and what you can do if your license is suspended. If you don't feel confident, then opt for a qualified Glendale DUI lawyer to fight your case. You will need advice on the California's driving rules and regulations, as well as how the state's DMV suspension hearings work. There are complex procedures involved in getting a copy of your driving record, and you may also need to calculate your blood-alcohol level. A good Glendale DUI lawyer will know the state's DWI laws, how to interpret police evidence and how the state's Division of Motor Vehicles works.
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