Types of Birds in North America

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    Boreal Owl

    • Boreal owls native to North America, hunt from high perches and prefer to nest in old woodpecker nests or nest boxes. They do not feather the nest as some birds do. These owls' hunt by pinpointing sound, even hearing mice under the snow in the winter.

    Dark-Eyed Junco

    • Dark-eyed junco

      The dark-eyed junko is frequently recognized by the nickname "snowbird." Sixty-six percent of these birds breed in the Boreal forests. While they mate for life socially with one female junko, they do copulate with other birds, sometimes assisting in the raising of any young that result.

    Broad-Winged Hawk

    • Broad- winged hawk

      Migration for the broad-winged hawk occurs in a flock instead of alone. The hawk hunts prey by watching intently, then swooping down for capture. Prey consists of small animals, frogs and insects.

    Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker

    • Yellow-bellied sapsucker

      Some people believe this bird does not exist because of the many jokes told about the yellow-bellied sapsucker. But this species makes its home in nests abandoned by other birds and animals. Also, they drill for sap in trees, providing other birds and insects with food.

    Trumpeter Swan

    • Trumpeter swan

      The trumpeter swan is the largest waterfowl bird in North America. Conservation efforts brought the swan back from the brink of extinction after it was hunted to extreme for its feathers through the 1800s. These birds live and nest in shallow wetlands near the coastline.

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