Stand Up Comedy Has Evolved to What it is Today

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If anybody wants a night of relief from a hard day at work then the place to go is to the nearest comedy club.
There are many great comedians who offer stand up comedy.
They take the mind to another place and leave people with happy thoughts.
It is true that laughter is the best medicine.
Whenever a child is sick and a diversion is needed the one thing that works well is finding something to laugh about.
How many grown ups are the same way? When sitting at home with a cold and it is to the point where sleeping is over-rated, on comes the TV.
While a movie may be helpful it is usually the short comedy shows that help the most.
If a stand up comedy show comes on it is hard not to laugh Comedy's effects have worked for centuries.
Going back in time to no TV and no comedy clubs there was always something people found to laugh about.
The first comedy club style setting was long before marquees or electricity.
The first stand up comedy show would have been in any place that there were a group of people.
It may have been a juggler, a mimic, a puppeteer or a funny balladeer who put smiles on peoples faces.
In the royal courts there was the court jester.
If a court jester, or comedian, could not make the royalty laugh the result was a severe whipping.
With knowledge of the consequences the court jester took this to be no laughing matter.
The court jester would have been considered an artist of stand of comedy.
They were called licensed fools.
Their humor was mostly about matters of controversy as well as to humorously criticize the royalty and their guests.
They wore attire which was usually different and funny looking.
Even to look at a jester everyone expected to laugh.
Eventually the court jester was longer used and comedians took to acting in plays.
Comedy clubs were more like streets where people would gather and take in the humorous antics of a street comedian.
Stand up comedy became the acts of hungry comedians who made people laugh in order to get money for food and lodging.
There were variety show barkers who always claimed to have the funniest of people to open the shows.
When radio was the basic form of entertainment in the home families would gather around and laugh at the comedy skits.
When television made its debut this opened up the world of entertainment and comedy took center stage in the living rooms across the country.
From that point on stand up comedians have taken a strong foothold.
People found that when they laughed their worries took a back seat
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