How to Deal With a Stranger's Aggressive Dog

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    • 1). Most dogs are territorial and will react aggressively when you enter their home or yard. Signs of an aggressive dog include barking or snarling, snapping, ears perched back, exposed teeth, and a tucked tail, You should never approach strange dogs or try to pet them, and you should not approach dogs that are sleeping or eating. Avoid entering a yard or house unless you have been invited. If you have been invited, ask the owner to subdue the dog until it can realize you are not a threat. Giving dogs the opportunity to smell you often helps with relieving aggression. You should also try to speak in a kind voice to them, which shows them you are a friend and mean no harm.

    • 2). You should never run or scream when confronted by an aggressive dog. This will only feed its aggression. Instead, assert dominance by firmly telling the dog "no" or "sit" or "go home". Do not make eye contact with the dog since it will appear as a challenge. Try slowly backing away from the dog.

    • 3). If you are on a bicycle, you should not try to out-distance the dog. Get off the bike and put it between you and the dog. This will eliminate the "chase" aspect, which should disinterest the dog.

    • 4). Should you be attacked, distract the dog with other things like your purse, jacket or keys. If you are knocked to the ground, curl into a fetal position and protect your head and neck from bites. Once you get away from the dog, seek medical attention immediately. You should also report the dog to the police.

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