Ex-girlfriend Attraction - How To Pull Her Back And Make Her Attracted To You Again!

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Most guys will start off on the completely wrong foot when they try to win back their girlfriend. They will try to use logical arguments to back up why she should come back to them, and when that does not work (and it won't), they haven't got a clue as to what they should have done. If you are planning to get your girlfriend back using logical arguments, then you need to save your breath, because it will not work. Women are attracted through their emotions, and the moment you stray from that, you will lose her for good.

There is hope for you, though. When you know how to use attraction to get your girlfriend back, then you have a realistic shot at actually getting to reconcile with her. And that is what you would like to see happen, isn't it?

Here are some tips on how to attract your ex girlfriend back to you:

1. To really make her feel attracted to you, you need to stop with all of the whining and the pleading with her.

Don't feel embarrassed if you have gotten caught up in getting all emotional and whining to her about the breakup. Almost every guy does this sooner or later. But, it DOES need to come to a stop right away, because all that does is make you seem less and less appealing. Most guys will never realize that this is one action that makes things worse.

2. You will be able to make her feel attracted to you by becoming a little more detached from her.

Anytime that it seems like you need to have her attention or her approval, you are killing the attraction that she might be feeling for you. You have to detach yourself and live your own life and start acting a little more aloof with her. If you don't, then you are sending a signal to her that you are desperate and needy and she will keep on pulling away from YOU.

3. She needs to feel as though she could potentially lose you for GOOD.

Right now, you are probably really anxious to get back with your girlfriend. And part of the reason for this is because you are afraid that you might be losing her for good. Well, that is exactly what you need to make your ex girlfriend feel if you are going to make her feel attracted enough that she wants to come back to you.
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