Essential Guitar Scales

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Learning guitar scales Learning to play guitar scales is really important.
One of the most important theories that you have to take up in formal guitar lessons is playing the guitar scales.
It is important that you are able to play the guitar scales as it is one of the fundamentals of the art.
Classical guitarists would not survive without any knowledge of guitar scales.
The theory will help you develop your ear as you do harmonics and train your recognition for pitch.
Have you ever noticed how a note sometimes sounds off key or something similar? Being familiar or having knowledge about guitar scales can make it a lot easier for you to be able to put together a series of notes without fearing that it will sound terrible.
There is a lot of advantage for guitar players especially when they know something about guitar scales.
As mentioned earlier, guitar scales will be able to help you come up with a guitar solo that would sound like it was lifted straight from some great band's hit single.
Guitar scales sound really great especially when you play it really fast.
Try playing the scales slowly.
It sounds awful and really doesn't make sense.
But when played fast, you instantly get a guitar solo.
In fact, most guitar solos are made from pentatonic scales.
These are just scales made of five notes.
And the guitar solos are made those five notes in different octaves.
The easiest scales to learn are the pentatonic scales.
These scales would help you play some really fast riffs and licks up and down the neck of the guitar with just 5 notes in different octaves.
If you are familiar with Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and Eddie Van Halen's Eruption, these songs make use of pentatonic scales in their main guitar solos.
These are just the 5 notes played in different positions on the fret board.
Notice how perfect they sound together.
Another thing that you will like with pentatonic scales is it will free you from any hassles of memorizing complicated riffs that you have to play.
Imagine how confusing that would be when it's time to perform the song in front of a large crowd.
The scales give you an opportunity to show off some skills without putting too much thought into it.
Any note that is within the scale will surely fit in the solo you are doing.
The concept behind the scales is to be able to play 5 notes in the exact order in different octaves.
Simply put that just moving up or down the neck to raise or lower the pitch of the note as you progress with the solo.
It really won't matter too much if you are making sharps or flats in the solo.
As long as you are playing the notes correctly, you can expect music coming from your guitar.
Not to mention that you don't even need to be well-versed in the theory.
You simply have to practice to inculcate some muscle memory into your hands.
When that happens, you don't have to memorize anything at all.
Guitar scales are a really important part of learning how to play the guitar.
You now have enough reasons to stop cringing and start enjoying the scales being taught to you.
These will definitely be able to help you come up with something really flashy and impressive when it's time to make that crowd go wild.
Just think of it this way, guitar scales are just a repetition of scales.
But your audience doesn't know that.
All they know is that you're a really badass guitar player.
And your knowledge of guitar scales in guitar solos will remain a secret.
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