Boyfriend Cheating on You - Clues to Catch Him Out

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Could you spot your boyfriend cheating on you? Could you spot it, if it was right under your nose? Even if you are the worlds worst spotter of a cheating boyfriend, in a way it doesn't matter, because they usually get caught out in the end, by the lies they tell. Remember to be a good liar you have to have a good memory!

But for you, an eye for detail would come in handy. By that i mean, noticing any unusual activity on your boyfriends part. For starters you could keep a check on his cell phone bill. Do you have access to it? If you do then look for an increase in text messaging or any sudden surge in the phone bill in general.

Another thing to look out for, does he demand more time on his own, is he seeking more time away from you? Also is he telling you he is seeing friends that you have never heard of. Remember for every question you might have of him, there could be a plausible explanation.

As with cell phone bills, keep an eye open when it comes to a joint bank account. Unusual activity, that sort of thing. Again i must emphasize, there can be a plausible explanation, so don't go rushing in without sufficient evidence.

Watching his computer habits, could be another line of evidence to keep track of. Is he spending unusual amounts of time on line, even for him. Is he guarded with what pages he is surfing? A classic sign for mischief on line is, the browser history is constantly being cleared. Has he set up a new password account?

As i keep reminding you, there could be a reasonable explanation for any of the above activity's, but maybe you should ask yourself why do you deem it necessary to want to spy on him in the first place. Are your suspicions strong enough to warrant such activity?

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