Do You Really Not Have Time For Proper Exercise?

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The number one reason that people use when it comes to avoiding exercise and healthy eating is "I do not have time".
And they get away with it - for a while.
But we may ask that once they get sick, have a heart attack or brain disaster, or are diagnosed with a chronic disease like heart disease, cancer or diabetes they suddenly have time.
"Give me all the tests man, money is no object, do whatever it takes to fix me up, I don't want to die" This does not make any sense, why do we wait until our body has become so sick to finally take measures towards taking care of it.
It is the comparable to never servicing your car or changing the oil.
Do you just keeping driving it till it stops then look at doing something about it? But at least with your car you can usually get it fixed as there are many spare parts available.
But with the human body there are a few bits and pieces available but 'by and large' once it has reached a broken down state it is pretty much 'had it'.
The human body does not just arrive at this state; it can take many years (even decades) of neglect and disuse before symptoms of disease show themselves.
But when they do there is little any doctor, drug or surgery on this earth can do to fix it.
At best a chronic disease (this is one that is caused by lifestyle) can only be managed not cured by modern medicine.
This usually leaves the victim with a much lower quality of life at best and at worst can shorten ones life after years of pain and disability.
When we are young, exercise is largely about appearance and physical performance.
Getting a disease or becoming dysfunctional are simply too remote a prospect to fuel the desire to become and stay active.
But as we move into our 30's, 40's and beyond there comes a realization that our body is not indestructible and is indeed starting to show signs of wear and tear.
The constant grind of life begins to impact in ways not experienced before and the snow-ball affect can range from mildly intrusive to massively disruptive.
Somehow we think that all of our other priorities and responsibilities in life are more important and time taken for proper exercise and healthy eating tends to take a back seat.
The problem though is when you de-prioritize these things the negative impact reaches much further and far beyond what you could have ever imagined.
One out of every two people on this planet has a chronic lifestyle disease and many have multiple conditions.
It would be fair to say that they thought they did not have to bother taking time out of their day and their life for the physical movement that the human body must have to stay healthy.
You can bet they are saying now "If only I had of known".
Do not let yourself be robbed of your health and wellness.
Take action before the killer diseases that stalk us in our modern sedentary and inactive world pounce on you from behind when you least expect it.
Keeping your body strong with proper strength training exercise is the single most important thing each of us can do to keep this from happening.
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