What Can Be Done About Depression?

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Depression is bound to be something of a mystery to those who have never experienced it, but it is also puzzling to those who know its destructive power, either because they are sufferers themselves, or because they are intimately involved in helping sufferers.
There are a host of other questions which they want answered.
Is there a connection between grieving and depression, and if so, what is it? What are the causes of depression? Is it your own fault when you get depressed, or is it somebody else's or just nobody's fault? Is it due to some character defect? Can it be inherited genetically? Why are depressed people so difficult to help? These are all very important questions but the most important questions of all are: What can be done about depression - is there anything that can be done about it? Can it be cured? To take the first question first, yes, something can be done about it.
You probably already know some of the steps that can be taken.
Some of them are medical methods of dealing with depression, in the sense that you need the help of doctors to make use of them, and also in the sense that they have been developed by applying medical science and medical logic to the problem.
These ways of tackling depression can be very effective in helping to lift your mood when you feel bad; they can reduce the harmful effects of the worst aspects of the illness; they can give you a respite from the misery, and this improvement can be built upon so that you get very much better.
But can it be cured? The answer to this is also yes - but not by using the standard medical approach by itself, and not by relying upon the doctors to solve the problem for you.
What we have to do if we wish to cure depression is to look beyond the present orthodox medical treatment of the illness and begin to tackle it for ourselves.
And if this sounds dangerous, or insulting to doctors, then do not be alarmed.
It is no more and no less than most doctors would wish you to do.
Modern medicine has many limitations and those who practice it are better placed than the rest of us to recognize them.
The first thing any doctor with the time to talk about it will tell you is that medicine can often help to lessen the impact of depression; but the second thing you will be told is that medicine cannot cure it - only you can do that.
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