How to Replace Early Bronco Door Windows

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    • 1). Remove the armrest screw from the armrest with a screwdriver. Remove the armrest from the door panel.

    • 2). Remove the screws holding the crank onto the crankshaft with a screwdriver and pull the crank and washer from the shaft. Unscrew the lock control knob by hand.

    • 3). Insert a thin, flat screwdriver or a stiff putty knife between the clips holding the door panel and the door. Lever the clips from the door carefully and do not attempt to remove the clips by levering against the panel.

    • 4). Remove the division bar screw and the vent window screws with a screwdriver. Reinstall the window crank and roll the window all the way down.

    • 5). Pull the rubber glass run strip near the division bar up until the vent window glass is released. Tip the vent window and division bar to the rear and pull the vent window and bar assembly from the door.

    • 6). Roll the window up a few inches. Grasp the upper back corner of the glass and roll it forward to disengage the regulator arm from the glass channel. Lift the glass straight up and free of the door.

    • 7). Reassembly is the reverse of all of these steps. Ensure that the regulator arm fits into the glass channel properly. Adjust the regulator arm up or down slightly with the window crank if necessary to get the regulator engaged with the channel properly.

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