The ABC"s On How To Achieve Your Dreams - Lesson Q

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Welcome back again to learning your ABC's on how to achieve your dreams. This article is talking about our letter Q lesson.

The letter Q stands for:
Quitters never win and winners never quit

This is a common expression, but it is a matter of fact one and a big one at that! Quitters never do win. It is simply not feasible for someone to quit but yet win. It is also not feasible for a winner to have quit. It is impossible for either one to be a part of the other, let alone even be in the same vibrational frequency as the other.

So why is this important to achieving our dreams and goals? Because if you are always quitting you will never succeed in reaching your goals, this being the most obvious point. But there is also an underlying issue at hand as well dealing with your vibrational frequency.

Did you know that winners have a much higher vibrational frequency than that of quitters? I am not just speaking of a few varying degrees, but large contrasting levels apart. Winner's vibrational frequencies are very similar and close to that of matching with money, finances, healthy marriages, good health and well-being.

Now on the other hand, quitter's vibrational frequencies are in alignment with that of health and worrisome problems, financial distress, marital problems, and so many other issues on the opposite end of the spectrum.

So this is not just about winning or quitting, but this is all about how you live your life and what else you may want to draw into that life of yours. Where would you rather have your energy and vibrational frequencies in alignment with, the positive or negative? Think about that the next time you are deciding to quit something and make the right choice for your life!

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Many Blessings
and Love and Light

Nicole Lanning

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