A Great Way for Seniors to Improve Their Health

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Studies have shown that seniors are now living longer and feeling better about themselves. This is good news because this is the direct result of people starting to improve their overall health. Seniors can improve their health, happiness and lifespan by engaging in regular exercise and by paying closer attention to their diet.

Another important point to consider is that older individuals-and this includes men and women anywhere from 60 to 80 years of age-must especially focus on balance, coordination and stability. These are neurological aspects of health and are just as important as focusing on physical strengthening. Did you know that more seniors end up in the hospital because of an increased risk of falling (and subsequent injury) than they do because of disease? This should emphasize the need for strengthening physical areas as well as balance.

One of the major advantages of the Bodyblade device is in the combination of physical and mental strengthening that it offers. The Bodyblade requires that the user drive or shake the blade, which flexes the ends and provides inertial exercise. In turn, this operation gives resistance to the senior's body. The bigger the flex of the blade, the greater the resistance will be. Therefore, the resistance adjusts to the level of each user, ensuring that seniors will not over-exert themselves. At the same time, Bodyblade training involves rapid change in direction and rapid contraction in the muscles. This allows the user to improve his or her balance, coordination and quickness.

Over time, this exercise regimen (very short and thus not too taxing on even an elderly individual) will help seniors to get up out of their chairs, change directions and walk around with better control. By improving the physical and mental quickness in a person, it reduces their chances of falling later on. Additionally, the Bodyblade builds muscles, promotes endurance and increases blood flow, which promotes good health. This device can be especially helpful to seniors who don't want to invest a lot of time in a more rigorous exercise program, but who want to devote more time to their health.
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