What is a Voltage Regulator Module?

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    Buck Converter

    • A voltage regulator module is contained in a replaceable unit inserted into the computer motherboard, and acts as a buck converter. A buck converter refers to a step-down DC to DC converter, or electronic circuit used to convert a source of direct current to a lower voltage level.


    • The needed amount of supply voltage is sent to the voltage regulator module from the microprocessor in the form of voltage identificator bits. VIDs are units of digital information used for the sole purpose of quantifying a needed amount of voltage.


    • The voltage regulator module begins by providing a standard amount of voltage to the VID logic. The VID logic refers to a section of the processor dedicated solely to sending VID to the voltage regulator module. Once the voltage regulator module receives the VID describing the necessary voltage amount, the VRM begins reducing additional DC power received by the motherboard to send to the microprocessor.

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