Weight Loss Guide and Reference - No Nonsense Facts Exposed

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There have been so many myths about achieving weight loss that we have despaired about finding a formula that really works.
Friends and acquaintances have jumped from one diet plan to another, always raving about the newest diet fad being the "cure" to their excess poundage, only to be disappointed yet again.
Here is a weight loss guide and reference for all who want to properly lose weight - no nonsense facts exposed.
Many people who want to lose weight resort to so-called "quick" and "painless" ways of losing weight.
Most popular among these are the diet pills, some coming even from exotic and faraway places such as Thailand, and diet plans such as green tea diet, low-carb diet, South Beach, the Zone, Atkins diet, and more.
Whatever plan you are currently following, it is important to keep in mind these basic tips.
Include fiber in your diet.
If fibrous foods such as oats and grains are not part of your regular diet, introduce it to your body slowly.
Many women gain weight because they don't eat enough fiber.
Choose high-quality carbohydrates.
Although there are some diet plans that stick to low or no-carbs, balanced eating is the key.
So eat vegetables, fruits and a little carbohydrate like dry bread or half a cup of boiled rice for energy.
Drink lots of water every day as water flushes away unwanted toxins including our sodium intake which causes the "flab" or "bloat".
Avoid carbonated drinks and those high in sugar.
Herbal tea is best.
How many times have you heard the saying "Breakfast like a King, Dine like a Pauper"? Because we burn few calories at night, heavy meals should be avoided at all costs, especially just before sleeping.
And lastly, don't stress.
When we are stressed out, many of us feel the urge to munch, as foods give us comfort.
Try relaxing activities such as walking or yoga.
They are great stress-relievers and help you sweat, too.
Follow this simple weight loss guide and reference and you will lose pounds, safely and effectively.
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