Colors Ideas for Home Room Decorating

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    • The color blue relaxes and soothes the room. Blue works well in bedrooms and bathrooms. Match blue with mustard yellow, black and gray to create a calming feeling.


    • The color red is a powerful, bold color. Red works well as an accent color in a room. Red comes in a large variety of shades, and, depending upon the shade, it radiates a different feeling in the room. Bright, bold red stimulates the senses; eyes are drawn to a cherry red object. Muted shades of red are calming--for example, deep brown-red and dark orange-reds. Black and white complements bright, bold red. Muted shades of red work well with mustard yellow, ivory, beige, green, brown and black.


    • Oranges are inviting; often kitchens are painted orange. The color orange is associated with many foods and with autumn. Orange pairs well with deep purple, mustard yellow and tans. Incorporate bright orange in a room as an accent color.


    • Yellows decorate homes from bright, sunshine yellow to muted creamy yellow. Bright yellows work well as an accent color. Light, creamy shades of yellow work well on walls and as accents in a room.


    • Purples come in a variety of shades from red-purples to blue-purples. Deep, dark purple works well as an accent color paired with greens, tans and browns. Light purples work well as a main room color.


    • Pink is a soft, dainty color many associate with a little girl. Light shades of pink are soothing to the eye, and bright shades of pink make a bold statement in a room. Purple complements pink when accessorizing a room. Light pink paired with ivory and green creates a romantic feeling in a room.


    • Green often becomes associated with nature and is found in many homes. Green comes in a variety of shades from light green to bright green. Greens pair well with purples, tans, blacks and gold.


    • Dark brown often accents a room, compared to light brown which works well on walls. Brown is a soothing color and complements a large variety of colors including ivory, black, purple and red.


    • Keep black as an accent color in a room. Walls painted black make a room feel small, dark and dreary. Black works well in small doses to accent a room--for example, place black furniture or a black clock in the room.

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