Sighting in a Rifle - Or - How to Stop Chasing the Will-O-The-Wisp

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"The year is going away Never to be seen again No, the World is not in darkness, But in celebration A New Year is arising Not as different as the old year Just a way to wipe the slate clean Good-bye Old year Hello New Year" On 31st December, at 23 hrs, 59 minutes and 59 seconds...
with another tick we will enter into New Year.
A Year of new hopes, new/renewed goals and lots of dreams...
a year with many occasions of celebrations; lot many moments of pride; many reasons to smile and lots of happiness is awaiting for all of us.
We have many reasons to remember the year passing by.
In your life in particular, I know that you have many moments for which you don't want to forget this year and many of these occasions are closer to your heart.
On global front, the year 2005 will leave few marks of scare...
be it Tsunami; earthquake in Pakistan; Bomb Blasts in London and Delhi; Floods in Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai (India) etc.
But life is to move forward.
The sand of time in the hourglass does slip away like the passing of time each and every day.
Live each moment like it will be your last, because before you know it the present is past.
Hold no regret for what has been done; instead live in envy of each moment to come.
Things of the past you can never rearrange; learn from the past so you may your future change.
Forget about plans, your regrets and your fear, because life is right now, in front you here.
So, here I am writing this message/mail for you to wish you best of the things...
not only to you but to all those who are close to you and dear to you.
May your thoughts be of flowers, May your dreams be of love, May the stars twinkling down on us be your ever guiding love, May you find hope in all your fear and fright, May you find love that is only heard through the whispers of the night May we love one another and lose this fight May we all be equal in each other's sight May our tears be kissed away by hope and of wisdom May you love yourself and others too With lots of love, care and affection
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