How to Boost Signal to a Satellite Receiver With a Long Cable

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    • 1). Disconnect all ends of your cables. To disconnect a coaxial cable, twist the end until it comes loose. Check to see that the pin in the center of the wire is straight and undamaged; this is the portion that delivers your television signal. If it isn't straight, replace the wire. If it is straight, re-connect the wire. To re-connect, insert the pin from the wire into the pin-sized hole in the coaxial port, then twist the wire until it is secured.

    • 2). Replace the entire cable with a single uncut RG-6 coaxial cable. If you have multiple cables that are connected together by splicers or perhaps a damaged cable, this will greatly improve your signal. Disconnect the wire from both ends and insert the new wire exactly in its place.

    • 3). Install a satellite-grade splitter. To do this, you must have a dual LNB satellite dish, which means your dish receives two separate satellite signals. You'll know it's a dual LNB dish because two wires will come out from behind it. Follow the wires from your dish to your receivers, then disconnect both wires and connect them to the input ports on your satellite splitter. Then re-connect the satellite receivers to the output ports of the splitter. Even if you don't need to split the signal, the splitter assists in pushing the signal through the cable.

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