DIY Costume Ideas

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    Bed Sheet Costumes

    • A bed sheet is a material everyone has laying around and something that can be inserted into a variety of costumes. A ghost costume is the most common costume from a bed sheet, but it generally requires cutting holes into the sheet for the ghost eyes. Create a toga from a bed sheet is a simple way to keep the bed sheet in its original condition for use after the costume. Wrap the sheet around your body and over one shoulder, securing the sheet with a piece of twine as a belt around your waist. To enhance the costume, paint your face with metallic makeup and add leaves in your hair to be a Greek god or goddess.


    • Robot costumes are simple to make. Take a cardboard box and cut a hole in the top for your head. Cut out the bottom of the box so your legs can move freely. Put the box on with your head sticking out of the top hole. With this on, determine the location for arm holes, mark these, remove the box and cut the holes.

      The legs and arms of the robot are perhaps the most dramatic element for the outfit and one of the easiest. Go to your local hardware store and purchase silver venting material. This can be easily cut to the length needed for the arms and legs. Because the venting material is flexible, you can still move easily while wearing the outfit.

      Paint the box to match the arms and legs with silver spray paint. Add detailing to the front of the box with a permanent marker or paint to further define the robot if desired.

    Monochromatic Costume

    • A costume without a name or character is an easy and fun outfit to put together. Try being a monochromatic person: wearing only one color in various shades. For example, a purple person would only wear purple. While finding purple pants might be difficult, purple tights with purple exercise shorts are much easier to find. Spray paint shoes to match your costume and paint your face with matching face paint. This costume is sure to make a large impact with little effort or time.

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