Does Hard Red Spring Wheat Grass Grow in Cool or Warm Season?

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    • Hard red spring wheat is planted in the spring and grows over the summer months for late summer or fall harvest. Spring wheat types do not need to be exposed to cold temperatures to promote development, according to the University of Minnesota Extension.


    • Wheat is classified based on color, kernel hardness and growing season. Hard wheat usually has a small, red seed with a hard texture.


    • Hard wheat is grown in locations with a dry or temperate climate, according to the Utah State University Extension. Many varieties of this type of wheat are poorly adapted to regions that experience high humidity and high amounts of rainfall, according to the Iowa State University Extension.


    • Hard red spring wheat typically has a harder endosperm and higher protein content compared to soft red winter wheat. According to the University of Wisconsin Extension, spring wheat is usually sold at a 14 percent minimum protein.


    • Hard red spring wheat is used to make flour for baked goods and to produce wheat straw. Hard red wheat varieties make better flour because of their higher gluten content, according to the Utah State University Extension.

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