Varieties of Reusable Bags

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With reusable bags now starting to take over from the now redundant non reusable bags it seemed only inevitable that people would start to create a wider range of reusable bags.
These products include such items as jute bags, cloth bags, canvas bags, cotton bags, tote bags and possibly even more kinds.
This article will attempt to highlight the possible good points and negative points of these bags in order to give you some kind of perspective on which one you should choose and what might be the problem if you did chose others.
Granted at the end of the day they are good for the environment as long as you reuse them of course.
Jute Bags: Jute bags are one of the large manufactures of cotton and jute material bags, crafted in India and then shipped to where ever you choose to send them to.
The company usually deals with other firms such as MC Donald's or large corporations, allowing their buyers to add their own custom logo to the front.
One was even given to Prince Philip although we will probably never know if he re used the bag again.
It is still a good idea as it gives work to those in India and does use environmentally friendly material.
I do feel the need to question the fact that it is being shipped all the way from India in order to get to us to use them.
Surely this is damaging to the environment as the ship will end up causing pollution on its voyage.
Tote bags are 100% cotton and come in many different styles, again I wonder about importation but with the UK seeming to lose most of its manufacturing to cheaper countries I guess it cannot be avoided.
However, on the brighter side if you're looking for some truly good quality and fun bags then these may be the best kinds for you to look into.
One of my person favourite styles says: "Cut your hair it looks ridiculous - nothing personal" who can say no to a bag like that? These bags cost around the same as other bags at £8.
However, since you will probably end up purchasing them online the delivery cost will probably push it into double figures, making them more expensive but more accessible to the individual than tote bags.
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