How to Clean Up Fraud From a Banking History

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    • 1). Notify your local police office immediately after noticing fraudulent activity in your banking account history.

    • 2). Visit your bank to notify them of the incident. The bank will put a notation on the account stating such activity. It would be in your best interest to close that particular account and open a new one.

    • 3). Contact all the credit reporting agencies--Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian--to verify that none of your other personal information has been compromised. These agencies do not charge consumers for obtaining a free copy of their credit report if they suspect they have fallen victim to identity theft.

    • 4). Protect yourself from this happening in the future by adding security codes and passwords to all of your accounts. These passwords should never be kept on you but in a safe place at home.

    • 5). Verify your bank statements as soon as you receive them. Most banks offer online banking so you can view your statements online.

    • 6). Establish a rapport with your bank and become familiar with the associates at a local office and use that particular location regularly.

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