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Many businesses analyze past records to develop business strategies and make decisions about continuing sale of their product/ service, ways to improve their business, or stop a sale/ service completely. Businesses need to constantly update product records including its name, description, category, price, part number, inventory status and so on.

Data Entryencompasses transcribing information from one form to another by providing input into a ‘computer program'. Data is converted into an organized arrangement of record like database using tools like optical scanner, keyboard or data recorders.

Data Entry permits transcribing handwritten documents, information stored in spreadsheets, number sequences, computer codes or names and addresses into computer data. It also permits transcribing electronic data from one form to another.

The basic types of services provided by companies which undertake Data Entry Outsourcing include:
  • Data Processing
  • Online Data Entry
  • Offline Data Entry
  • Data Conversion
  • Data Mining
  • Image Processing

data entry services providers transform data from its physical form including books, documents, ledgers and records into digital form for storage as soft-copies. Operators have thorough knowledge of internet functioning and conduct online research for data accumulation and digitize them for future use. They also convert data from hard copy to image form and further convert it into text if desired by the client.

In some cases audio inputs are given to data operators who listen to call-outs and then enter data manually into a computing system. They have adequate training and skill levels to maintain good speed of data entry with least pauses while running the audio input.

The main focus of any data entry operator is on ‘accuracy' of data fed for generating an output of superior quality. A wrong symbol, alphabet or number can easily throw off the entire command functioning which is incorporated in the computer-codes.

The attention and concentration levels required from data entry operators make this job challenging and strenuous. There are no basic qualifications required to prove one's worth as a good data entry operator.

However, certain skills are essential which also depend on the ‘type of data' being fed-in. Data entry operators should possess:
  • Proficiency, accuracy and adequate speed in typing
  • Have ability to focus for prolonged periods of time and report least errors
  • check for errors continuously while progressing work
  • Deal with sensitive information as in military, medical or financial records with sensitivity and integrity
  • Have eye for detail

Data Entry services are of many types. The choice of a particular type depends on the purpose that the entered data will serve. Some of these services are:
  • Online and Offline data entry
  • Image data entry
  • Book data entry
  • Data entry for medical claim
  • Data entry for patient-record
  • Product registration card data entry
  • Shipping document data entry
  • Data entry for surveys
  • Data entry for credit-card applications
  • Coupon redemption data entry
  • Hand-written data entry
  • Legal document data entry
  • Insurance claim data entry
  • Label/ mailing list data entry

Many businesses outsource data entry work to IT-Enabling firms like Data Plus Value Web Services in order to make the process of data assimilation, storage and utility cost-effective. These providers serve clients by maintaining a pool of data entry operators including freelancers, full-time operators, part-time operators or combination of the two. In some cases, they sublet the work to other smaller firms and keep the client informed of it.

In case individuals have good typing skills, spare time and a desire to earn extra bucks, a part-time career as Data Entry operators can be worthwhile. Since this work needs computer access and internet connectivity, people can undertake data entry work from the convenience of their homes or other suitable locations.

Most IT-Enabling firms make it mandatory for operators to undertake training and testing capsules at convenient locations at periodical intervals to ensure consistency in work output and gaining knowledge in using newer computing techniques.

In case of handling sensitive information, certain firms send their team of data operators on-site for collecting data. They also undertake a ‘Non-Disclosure Guarantee' to assure clients of their integrity with regards to handing secretive and sensitive data.
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