Small-Closet Organization Ideas

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    • One easy way to reduce the clothing burden in a small closet is to divide the clothing based on its intended season. If you have four different wardrobes, you will be able to more easily spot and eliminate redundancies. Most important, dividing your clothing by season will allow you to move items unlikely to be used for a while into deeper storage, such as underneath a bed.

    Hanger Elimination

    • Chances are you have a number of clothing items in your closet that you rarely wear. You may have considered giving away some of your clothing in the past, but were unable to commit, in case you found a specific circumstance that called for just the right item. A good trick for sorting out clothing you rarely use from clothing you are unlikely to ever wear is to turn the clothes hangers on which your clothing hangs backward so they are not easily removed from the closet. Attach a piece of tape with the date to the top of the hanger. If you wear the item of clothing in question, then return the hanger back to its normal position. This item has moved back into rotation. After a year or six months or whatever time period you choose has passed, note those items of clothing that have turned around. Commit in advance to eliminating the unused items.

    Floor Space

    • Too often the floor space of a closet is ceded to shoes. Shoes tend to defy organization and take up lots of space. Purchase a shoe organizing rack that hangs inside the closet door and commit to keeping the floor space shoe free. Then you can use this space for additional storage, such as with modular bucket-baskets for bundles of socks and underwear.

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