How To Reduce The Risk Of Inadequate QA When You Outsource Web Development Projects

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Quality assurance is one of the most critical phases of software development and is important whether the project is completed in-house or offshore.
It is a well known fact that even the best developers create code that has errors, usually coined as "bugs" in technical terms.
While you can at-least make sure that the QA process is being properly followed during in-house development of solutions, but it is a completely different story when you outsource the same project to an unknown firm.
The simplest solution to this problem would be to hire a professional, experienced and well reputed service provider where you can outsource .
Net development requirements, PHP requirements, Java requirements and all other major software development projects.
Some of the most prominent factors affecting the quality of a solution due to inadequate quality assurance are: The biggest problem arises when you outsource your project to a company that does not have its own QA team.
Such vendors usually assume that quality testing would be done by the client itself.
Most of the times, the projects are scheduled under very tight deadline which usually ends up in quick and inefficient testing phase.
Sometimes the testing phase is entirely neglected in order to give priority to development phase.
When the project requirements are not properly conveyed to the service provider he is not able to cover all the requirements.
How to minimize the risk of inadequate QA or testing: Make sure that the development firm has its own testing team: Although you can't completely remove all the errors and the risk of inadequate testing, you can always make sure that they are minimized.
You need to make sure that the company you are partnering with has top quality testing processes and takes the testing phase as seriously as the development part.
A reliable and really effective service provider will have his own team of experienced quality analysts who work in synchronization with the development team to provide a properly tested software that has very few or no bugs.
The QA process should include tracking and documentation: Proper QA processes always include proper tracking of bugs and their documentation.
This helps developers in fixing these errors easily and more efficiently.
The quality standards of the vendor should be compatible with yours: Every organization has some of its own quality standards.
These standards help them in providing desired services to their clients and customers.
If you represent an organization then you will also be having some pre-defined quality standards that must be followed at your place.
It is very important to ensure that the quality standards followed by the vendor are well compatible with those followed at your end.
Careful testing should be done before releasing the Beta version: Beta release of software does not means that it can be released after doing normal testing.
In-fact, it is very important that the software is very carefully tested before its Beta version is released.
Beta version should be launched with an aim to catch bugs that occur in daily use of the software and might slip past the eyes of even the most vigilant testers.
Proper testing of a solution can provide huge monetary benefits in the overall development of solutions.
The problem occurs when errors and bugs are discovered after final release of the software.
Implementing the corrections at this stage requires much more time and money than what it would cost during the testing phase.
When you outsource Java development, PHP development or .
Net development projects, make sure that you remember all the above points and make an intelligent decision during vendor hiring and project development.
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