One's Day or the Singles' Day

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One's Day is a popular recreational festival among the young, to celebrate still being single. Born at campus and spread through network and some other method of media, One's Day has become a culture gradually. There are three kinds of the festival, 1.1 small One's Day, 1.11 and 11.1 the middle One's Day, 11.11 the large One's Day because of the four 1s here. According to the sample from State Statistics Bureau, recently the ratio of men and women birth is 120:100, the highest in the world. It is estimated that the men at the age for marriage will be more 30,000,000 to 40,000,000 than that of women until 2020.

There are many kinds of stories about the festival's origin. It is widely admitted that it origins from campus interesting culture of universities in Nanjing at 1990s. On this day, there are four Arabic numbers of 1, similar in the form of stick, while the stick owns the meaning of single in Chinese, thus it has become another festival for the singles and named as One' s Day. It is a representative of campus interesting culture.

When One's Day comes, there are gradually more and more parties, though the main activity is still dining, a symbol of festival independence and respect is the strength of "Going Dutch". There is no certain age limitation of the day, you can regard yourself as single if you like, unrestricted by the age. Exactly speaking, it means a feeling in your heart that accords being single. The day does not belong to men, actually there are many women as singles. It is a festival that belongs to both men and women, equally without discrimination.

From 1950-1953, many men could not find their wives, with the symbol that new China has published the first Law of Marriage. At the time of revolution, many people married with their parents' orders, they did not live together with their companions, with the form of marriage. In May 1950, the first Law of Marriage published, then following the tide of divorce in the whole world, even compared with now, it is still in the highest divorce ratio.

At the end of 1970s to the middle of 1980s, a lot of young ladies in the city still did not marry because many educated youths came back city. At the end of 1970s, the second single rise came, with a lot of educated youths came back city, there suddenly gathered plenty of singles. Special historical factors have made a lot of people single, mainly women, because many men educated youth married in the country while some women could not accept the local men, still keeping single. In 1984, related department even convened a meeting, discussing the problem of the singles over 30 years.

From 21th century, more and more people are pursuing single, those who are more excellent, will keep single for a long time. There emerge different kinds of matrimonial agencies, single clubs, friends at a bar and single tourist groups. Compared with the last two kinds of single ride, nowadays no one will regard "single" as crisis, government will never organize some events to solve the problem. The main roles of singles today are: from 27 or 28 to 37 or 38, high salary, busy working, having interest and expectations. Single has gradually become a kind of value orientation and life choice of a person, rather means the difficulties of his own terms.

Actually when One's Day comes, a lot of people considers about how to "celebrate it", as for those who want to be in love but still have no girlfriends or boyfriends, it is a heartbreaking day. If you are lucky enough to have a companion, please cherish him or her, for the day, how about you choose a gift from for the thanks of him or her, maybe this will be a special memory for you.
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