How to Change Brake Pads on a 1998 F150

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    • 1). Loosen the lugs. The lugs are the bolts that hold the tire onto the the truck. Loosen each lug two complete turns with the tire iron, but do not remove them. Place the wood blocks behind the wheels you will not be removing.

    • 2). Raise the truck. Using the floor jack, raise the truck high enough to allow the tires to clear the ground by at least a few inches. Place the jack stands securely beneath the truck, finding a support strut on the side of the vehicle you are working on. Repeat this process for each tire. (Only raise either the front or rear of the vehicle at one time.)

    • 3). Remove the tires. Finish removing the lugs nuts and completely remove the tires and set them aside. The lugs are universal so there is no need to diagram there positions.

    • 4). Locate and remove the brake caliper mount. The brake caliper mount is bolted onto the rotor and has a black hose protruding from its back, this tube is the brake line. Remove the caliper mount by undoing its bolts with the socket set. Bungee it to the underside of the wheel well so that it hangs without putting strain on the brake line.

    • 5). Slide the brake pads out of the mount. The brake pads are held in with tiny metal clips. Remove these clips and slide the pads out. Keep these clips you will need them for re-installation.

    • 6). Compress the brake caliper. The caliper is the three- to four-inch diameter piston in the brake caliper mount. Compress it by clamping it with the c-clamp. It needs to be flush with the back of the mount.

    • 7). Install the new brake pads. The new brake pads will fit in easily and then place the clips back in as they were situated.

    • 8). Reattach the mount. Untie the mount and re-bolt it to the rotor. After the mount is bolted on you can set the tire back on the rotor and tighten the lug nuts down. Only tighten them with our fingers until the truck is lowered, then finish tightening them with the tire iron.

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