A Natural Cure For Headaches

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Is there a safe, proven, natural cure for headaches? Anyone who has experienced the blinding pain of a migraine or tension headache knows just how paralyzing this illness can be.
The National Headache Foundation says 45 million Americans suffer from chronic, recurring headaches.
Migraines, which are even more severe, affect 17.
6 percent of women and almost 6 percent of all men throughout the United States.
While medication is the normal means of treatment there also exists a safe natural cure for headaches.
But to understand the remedy, we must first look at the cause of the illness.
Headaches are a signal to us that something is wrong.
Typically, they are the result of retained wastes or toxins in the body.
This is frequently the result of eating the wrong foods.
Because most physicians have no clue about dietary detoxification, they have trouble discerning the cause.
Most headaches will disappear within a few days of a careful detoxification program.
This simply means eating right.
By allowing the body to cleanse, we remove the cause.
This results in a migraine free life, without the need for medication ever again.
When these metabolic waste products are eliminated, people can regain their long-sought-after freedom from pain.
A basic plan to rid one's life of headaches, may be found in the book Eat to Live by Dr.
Joel Fuhrman.
His recommendation for a natural cure for headaches is to start with a low-protein, plant-based diet.
His program is specifically designed to avoid offending foods, as well as all caffeine-containing products.
Fuhrman's recommendations include: 1.
Avoid all refined and processed foods.
(No cake, cookies, crackers, pasta or white bread.
) 2.
Avoid all animal products.
(No meat, dairy, eggs, fish or fowl.
) 3.
Avoid refined vegetable oils.
(Even olive oil is 100% fat and offers no nutritional value.
) 4.
Moderate exercise and adequate sleep.
Eat foods which are nutritionally rich and low in calories.
(Vegetables, fruits, etc.
) Since the use of medication, even in low quantities, can be the cause of headaches, the best thing a physician caring for headache patients can do is to withdraw their medication.
Drugs to relieve pain are rarely necessary if headache sufferers are allowed to detoxify at the first sign of headache symptoms.
Patients trying to detoxify and eliminate dependency on medication often find it useful to retire to a dark room and use ice compresses or a tight ice wrap around the head to reduce pain.
An alternative can be to stand in a hot shower with hot water beating on the painful area.
Simply by applying dietary modification alone, over 90% of Dr.
Fuhrman's patients experience complete recovery.
Fuhrman claims that caring for patients with recurrent headaches is the most rewarding daily interaction he experiences.
These patients typically recover very quickly and usually never return.
They have learned the cause of their headache-a poor diet, and they rely on good nutrition and proper eating habits to protect them in the future.
While this natural cure for headaches takes some time to work, it allows people to make an effective and permanent recovery from pain.
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