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We have all heard and read how much money we can make from Forex Trading, so what are the real rules and tips that will make us money from Forex Trading? Below we will uncover the real tips for Success.
Below are the 5 Tips to Help make you big money, they are not listed in order of importance.

1. Never buy a Forex Robot.
This is simple if you had a program that would make real money would you sell it? No.. You would keep it. The simple truth is most of these people are selling these programs and that is how they make the money not from Forex trading. So beware.
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2. Get Educated and Learn Fast

Anyone can learn Forex trading and anyone can make money, you dont have to be a genius. You don't need to spend long doing it either and you should be able to learn everything you need to know, in a couple of weeks and then your all set to trade. You should make sure that you have a trading plan and some rules.

3. The Best Proven Systems are Simple:

Make it simple, use some indicators and support and resistance. Forget trying to be clever or complicated, simple systems are far more robust than complicated ones and work. People will more often than not try and complicate things.

4. Make sure you have Risk and Money Management Rules

Success is built on money management and risk management and you need to learn about volatility and standard deviation of price and if you have no idea what it is make it part of your essential Forex education.

5. The Golden Rule is Discipline- Set the Rules and Stick to THEM

No matter how great of a trader you are you will have losses, so you need to ride them out and have discipline, which means having rules and sticking to them

Discipline comes from knowledge of what you are doing and the ability to keep your emotions under control. Holding discipline is the key to success

Anyone can Do It.

Anyone can make money from Forex trading and the effort you need to put in, will be well rewarded, as you get a great second or maybe even a life changing income. So dont forget that SIMPLE rules, simple strategy will make you the MOST MONEY FROM Forex Trading
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