Natural Remedies and Herbal Cures For Acne

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There is an increasing demand for natural remedies and herbal cures for acne now because many people are disappointed with the lack of lasting results from OTC treatments.
Often the reason for only short term relief with creams and OTC treatments is because of one or more of the following underlying causes: * The immune system is not functioning at peak leading to inflammation * There is an overload of toxins in the environment (food, water, toxic fumes from treated wood or carpets in the home, cosmetics, cooking utensils, detergents etc) * The organs of detoxification (liver, lungs, kidneys, colon and skin) are unable to get rid of toxins at the rate that they are entering the body or because the organs are compromised.
* Poor nutritional health (the detoxification organs need different types of vitamins and minerals to function optimally * The use of antibiotics at some point will destroy the "good bacteria" such as lactobacillus needed for good gut health and indirectly proper immune system function unless probiotics are used to replace the destroyed good bacteria * Candida overgrowth in the gut can compromise the immune system which is often due to antibiotics killing off the good bacteria * Food allergies such as those to milk, saturated fats, sugar, caffeine, aspartame, red meats, soy, wheat * Constipation means poor elimination of toxins ( could be due to lack of water intake, lack of fibre in diet due to high animal protein diet, lack of exercise, hormonal imbalances such as hypothyroidism) * Stress can lead to increase in the hormone cortisol and ultimately cause an imbalance in the hormonal cascade in the body Often acne, eczema and other allergies such as sinusitis and hives have a common root cause and therefore require treatment of that underlying cause.
So treating gut health through supporting the liver, healing the lining of the digestive tract and promoting proper elimination should be part of the protocol.
* Support the liver - tea from dandelion root from the garden (provided the area is relatively free of toxic materials and no pesticides are used on lawns in the vicinity) * Support elimination- increase intake of water to 8 - 10 glasses per day for an adult (ensure that it is filtered to remove heavy metals, chlorine and fluorine).
This will make bowel movements easier as well as increase urine to get rid of more toxins.
Take a fibre supplement such as citrus pectin if there are suspected allergies to regular fibre like psyllium * Improve the integrity of the gut - food sensitivities can lead to toxins entering the body because of "leaky gut".
To heal the gut, a scoop of glutamine, probiotics capsules and slippery elm tea taken daily may be beneficial.
* If a hormonal imbalance is suspected (low energy, anxiety, depression, insomnia, sudden weight gain) consult your doctor for laboratory testing Natural remedies for acne, eczema and allergies should ultimately aim to reduce inflammation.
Topical remedies for acne include tea tree oil and turmeric which are both antibacterial.
A remedy for dry eczema in particular may be first-pressed organic coconut oil which has fatty acids very similar to sebum of skin.
A safe remedy for allergies such as minor skin irritations could be dabbing a steeped and cooled chamomile tea bag on the affected areas.
Allergies such as sinusitis may be soothed by applying a drop of herbal oil such as eucalyptus at the entrance of the nostril.
If there is any irritation, clean the area with soap immediately.
The inflammatory response is due to an excess of inflammatory cytokines of the immune system and a TH1/TH2 imbalance (different cell types of the immune system).
Natural remedies for acne, eczema or other type of allergy need to address the cascade of inflammation in the immune system.
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