Indoor Paintball Games

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      Paintball is a recreational sport played by many. Although it is a relatively new game, it still has taken off like fire in America. With a $150 investment, you can begin your career in paintball. There are many different ways to play paintball. Whether you're looking to just have some fun with your friends, or you want to compete in a professional tournament, there's something for your taste. While most games are played outside, a select few are played strictly indoors. Either way, get prepared for some high-action fun!

    Speed Ball: A Short, High-Paced Game

    • Speed ball is an indoor paintball game played usually by four or five players on each team. Like the name suggests, the game is incredibly fast-paced, with game play usually being no more than 30 seconds. Players get out on a one-shot, one-kill rule. The only bunkers protecting you are the man-made ones inside of the arena. The best player isn't so much a stealthy one, but a paintball-er who can work well with a team.

    Deathball: A Deadly and Fun Game

    • Deathball, as the name suggests, can often be a "deadly" paintball game for some. Players are set up in a small arena, usually indoors, and they get one minute to get five players over to the other side of the field. While each player receives only about four shots, these four shots are his lifeline. Deathball is an intense and entertaining game for both the players and the spectators.

    Pocketful of Balls: The Perfect Game for the Trigger Happy

    • While playing paintball, many players go through hundreds of rounds an hour. With all this extra ammunition, why wouldn't you? However, the indoor game Pocketful of Balls takes it all away. You literally get a pocketful of paint-balls, and that is your only ammo source. No more full hopper on top of your gun; only a hand to put a single paintball into the barrel for each shot.

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