Personality Traits Purely Irresistible To Women

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As men we're genetically designed to believe 2 things: we know better and that we don't need to change.
Bettering ourselves should be something we should focus more on because our character, like everything else in life, should be in a constant changing motion.
Women notice when a man is working on himself, when a man is trying to better himself and they love it, they feel attracted to it.
A man willing to change is a man worth having around.
With that in mind here are some personality traits that are purely irresistible to women: Be Direct Indifference is not attractive.
There's a common misconception amongst men that if you act like you don't care and constantly have this "whatever" attitude women will suddenly fall in love with you.
Let's think about it for a second, if you dodge direct question and just move your shoulders as an answer, what does that tell a woman? It tells her that you're an immature looser that has no opinion.
Would you find that attractive? The man women adore, is a man that gives a direct response whilst looking into her eyes.
This man gives a woman his full undivided attention and she respects him for that.
He also engages in a conversation with an active attitude.
To put it simply, the man women adore is a man that's interested in her existence.
Do Not Cheat A true player shall never sleep around.
Every book or article you read that has been written by a real player will never tell you to cheat on the woman that you have.
But rather it teaches you how please a woman and, when you do, she will tell all her friends just how good you are and when the "relationship" ends, you can sleep with the others.
Think about it, you've worked hard for your reputation, you've managed to sexually satisfy a number of women and they've talked about it, making you the guy that can do it.
You've never cheated on any of them but yet moved on - when the "relationship" (fling) ended.
Is there anything wrong with this? No.
Let's look at the other scenario, you've cheated and got caught.
The first thing that happens is you lose your reputation.
With no reputation, no more sex with any of the girls she knew (the girls you are very likely to sleep with).
Women will class you as disrespectful and look at you with a bitter taste.
The only thing you'll have left will be jilted divorcees and inebriated university girls, both whom would do a broom stick if shown interest.
Be Funny "I need someone who makes me laugh" is one of the phrases most women say when asked about what they look for in men.
In reality they don't really care much about this, if you're the best comedian in the world and laughter is your only forte then you would probably not get laid.
Being funny gives you an edge, like frequently discussed, women are emotional beings.
Laughter is associated with a good feeling, if you are able to make her feel good you're on the right track.
Next time you go out, try to take a stab at humor.
It's highly effective as openers; don't just tell her a random joke try to make it about something that's going on.
Humor should never be random but rather spontaneous, natural and situational (making fun of the bartender for being slow, or a piece of his clothing, or his face, or anything that you might think will work on this particular woman).
It may be hard for some people to be humorous and in that case just leave it there.
If you're not funny, let it go, as bad jokes only embarrass a person.
Be a Gentleman Gallantry and charm never go out of style and in the era of the "whatever" guys, being a gentleman will truly set you apart.
These days a true gentleman is so hard to find and here's a good example: I went on a date with a fairly young girl and positioned myself behind her chair to push it when she sits down, she asked me why was I standing there like that.
She simply had no idea what I was about to do.
It dwell on me that some women have never even met a man that has these qualities and needless to say she was very impressed afterwards.
Some men (mostly the "whatever" guys) tend to believe that because women are now equal to men they would refuse such old fashion values.
We're not talking about ordering for her at a restaurant, as that was never a good idea, but more about opening the door for her, pushing her chair at the table and walking on the exterior of the sidewalk to keep her protected.
If you actually ask women about it you will quickly learn that they have an appreciation for men that carry such old fashioned beliefs.
They want a man that treats a lady like a lady.
Be Focused and Goal Oriented Women are very tolerant about who you are as a man.
They want to see that you have your own goals and that you are focused towards achieving those goals.
You don't need to be rich but rather you can convince them that you are not interested in this assistant manager position for the rest of your life.
They will fall for the investment.
If you can convince them that you are a valuable investment, that you have goals and are focused towards them, it's almost like being rich without having the actual money.
I'm sure you've read it, or heard it somewhere that, you don't need to be rich in order to get women.
This is very true and the investment principle described, proves the point.
Be Strong Being strong does not mean having muscles and being able to bench 180kg.
It refers to strength and firmness of character.
You do not need to take charge, but a firm sense of solidity goes a long way.
When women say they want a strong man this is what they mean - a strong character that she can rely on, so that she can be a full woman next to him, the man.
Being a true man is about staying true to what you believe, it's about being confident and not being afraid to show it but, it's also about acknowledgement, especially when you are wrong.
Be Compassionate Compassion is not about sympathizing sick animals on TV when she is in the room, it's about adopting one.
Compassion is not about talking to her when she is sick, it's about going there to offer her some real comfort.
Maybe these examples are not suitable but if you think about it you can find countless other ways to be compassionate using the same principles found in them.
Be careful not to overdo compassion, in only results into a "whipped puppy dog".
If you can manage to be strong, gallant, compassionate and even make her laugh sometimes, you will become irresistible in the eyes of any potential target.
Improving your personality may seem hard but the ones that put in the effort are the ones that are successful.
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