Cartier Watch: Making Me Obsessed

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Nowadays, my boy friend and I are busy preparing for our marriage party. I am very happy I am going to be married. Just several months ago, I did not think about it at all, because in my opinion, marriage was totally different from walking out together. Actually, I always took marriage thing very seriously. In my heart, I thought he was so nice to me as if it was not real for me. Was he really the one for me? I still doubted.

No matter how lovely the flower is, it would wither and fall down finally. Sometimes, I told my boy friend about this sentence. I thought it really made sense and sometimes it was suitable for the relation between people. My boy friend always said that I was too pessimistic and he tried to convince me that his love for me was permanent. I believed him, but my heart still doubted and my mind told me to be cautious enough.

So our marriage was not discussed because of the obstacles in our hearts. One day, to my surprise, he sent me a small box. I could guess it might be something very expensive with the package brand Cartier , so I said, "Do not waste money on these things next time." He smiled and nodded. When I opened it, it came out to be a Cartier watch with a beautiful flower graphic. First of all, I thought it was very exquisite and pretty. "Wow, it is very beautiful. Thank you so much." I could not help saying. "Listen to me," my boy friend said, a little serious, "Look at the watch. It is a pretty flower, a permanent flower. I know your doubt in heart, but this time I could help you clear up all of your doubt. My love for you is permanent just like this Cartier flower, which would on your hand every day from now on." Saying about this, he put this watch on me. I was really moved by his words, his present, his action and his love for me.

Somehow, all my doubts had gone after his word. I hugged him, "Let's get married, OK?" A sense of real happiness surrounded me at length.

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