Should I Buy Granite Slab Or Granite Tiles For My Counter Top?

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There's a million types of different counter tops but today all the hype is about Granite.
Granite slab and granite tiles both have their pros and cons.
We'll present those pros and cons and let you decide which is better.
For those of you that don't know the difference, a granite slab is a large cut chunk of granite that is milled into the shape of your counter top.
A slab is usually no longer than 9 or 10 feet a couple feet deep and 1.
5 inches thick.
Granite tile is cut into square tiles, usually 12x12 inches or 16x16inches and usually significantly thinner at 1/4 - 1/2 inches.
Costs: Now that we know what the difference in size is let's take a look at costs.
Granite slab is usually $50 per square foot installed where granite tile is usually around $15 per square foot installed.
The obvious winner of price is the granite tile.
If you need a 2 ft by 10 ft bar top the granite slab would run you $1000 and the granite tile would run you $300.
There is definitely the argument of which provides a higher return when it comes to selling your home and we'll discuss that shortly but for now assume they are equal in value therefore the granite tile is the more affordable option.
Appearance: This is where one's taste comes into play.
Everyone has different taste in what they like but sales trends show that more people prefer the look of granite slab over granite tile when it comes to installing a counter top.
The granite slab will be seamless unless you have such a large surface it requires multiple slabs.
In this instance your still only talking about 1 or 2 seems.
The seems are very small and hardly noticeable to the naked eye.
Granite tile on the other hand has a lot of seems.
Each piece requires grout lines and though they too can be placed closely together they are still more noticeable.
When installing your granite tiles be sure to use grout stain that is the same color as your granite tile, this will help make the surface appear seamless.
Durability: The granite slab is stronger than a granite tile due to the thickness and overall size.
Granite tiles can break but like any other tile you can easily replace a broken tile in very little time.
Both are very strong and will last a long time at least until something cooler comes out.
Value: Onto the big question, will I recoup my investment on the more expensive granite slab?Almost always the answer is yes.
You will recoup all of your investment on your granite counter tops and it will make selling your home a lot easier.
Go with what the trends are or what the majority of people are buying.
If you cater to the majority the likelihood of finding a buyer is much greater.
If your unsure which is best for you consider the space.
If your installing a counter top in your kitchen use granite slab.
The kitchen is the focal point of a home, it's where you spend the majority of your time.
Don't balk on anything when it comes to your kitchen.
If you have a finished basement or a bar consider using granite tile.
Save a few bucks on the counter top and invest it into high-end appliances.
Since a basement bar isn't used as much a buyer is less likely to be concerned with the materials.
Hopefully this helps, it's a tough decision and a tough job for all you DIYers.
If your considering a home improvement contractor be sure to request free estimates from multiple vendors.
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