My Girlfriend Broke Up With Me and I Want Her Back Fast - Proven 3-Step Plan

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If you are like most men, you would give up on your ex easily.
When my girlfriend broke up with and I want her to come back, I didn't waste any time drinking and sulking.
Because I believed in my heart that if I play my cards right - a true reconciliation with her is not impossible.
Let me share with you the simple steps I did to getting my ex girlfriend back.
First, I accepted the fact that she wanted to break up with me.
Meaning, I understood that she wants some time off away from me.
I respected that.
You see, you will need to sum up some courage to let her go - for the meantime.
If you want her back you should never ever chase after her like some stalker and avoid sending her hundreds of drunk text message everyday.
You will just drive her away and it is just downright annoying.
Step two is fixing yourself up.
You probably don't realize it but there are still a lot you can improve about your appearance.
Take a good look at yourself in the mirror and see where you can make some improvements.
Go to the gym and get rid of those flabby arms and stomach.
Try new clothing and get a fashionable haircut.
Your new appearance will start to stir some curiosity and interest in her once she sees you again and she would wonder how you've moved on that fast.
Third, take a good look inside you.
Remove all the negative emotions like pity, sadness and anger from your heart.
When you have freed yourself from those emotions it's time to reconnect with her.
Give her a call and ask her to meet up with you for coffee.
Never start an argument or any confrontation.
Keep your meeting friendly and upbeat.
You don't know it yet but this will make her realize that you can have a very pleasant time together and increase your chances of asking her out the next time.
You have started to make her second guess why she dumped you in the first place and start entertaining thoughts if she wants to come back to you.
This will start opening the lines of regular communication between you and your ex girlfriend.
And once you are already in talking terms with each other, this is the time where it gets a bit tricky so you better not blow up your chances.
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