Does a Plant Need Sun or Shade to Grow?

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    • Plants need sunlight to make chlorophyll, which is the chemical that gives plants the green color. Some plants need many hours of sunlight to achieve this process. Others need only a small amount because they are better able to complete photosynthesis in the shade. Without some light, plants would die.


    • There are three intensities of sunlight that plants need: full sun, partial sun/partial shade and shade. Full sun means six hours or more of direct sunlight daily. Partial sun plants do well with three to four hours of direct sun. Shade plants can deal with less than two hours of sunlight daily. In general, the less light, the slower the plant growth.


    • Position plants so they get the amount of sunlight they need. Taller plants create shade for smaller ones, so put sunlight-loving smaller plants in front of taller ones.

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