How to Buy Cheap Yarn

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    Buy During Sales

    • Some yarns are subject to seasonality. Light weight cotton and linen yarns, for instance, are often used to make summer items whereas thick wools and bulky yarns are used to create winter weight items. Yarn stores often clear their stock at the end of a season and this can be a great opportunity to buy yarn at discounted prices.

    Buy in Bulk

    • Large cones of yarn typically work out more cost effective than buying small skeins or balls. Buying a large cone of yarn may not be practical on your own, but it may be possible to buy with a group of people and split the cost between you.

    Buy Online

    • Online craft and yarn stores are often able to sell yarn at a lower price than a local yarn store. While buying yarn online means that you are unable to see and feel the yarn prior to buying, if the cost saving is significant then this may make buying online an attractive option.

    Buy Used Yarn

    • Many knitters sell yarn from time to time. This can be because they have bought too much yarn for a project or simply because they are looking to reduce their stock of yarn. Buying used or pre-owned yarn can be a great way to buy cheap yarn. Look at online auction sites as well as in classified advertisements.

    Direct from Manufacturer

    • Some manufacturers sell yarn directly to the public. This can offer a great cost-saving as there are no third party costs to take into account. The yarn may not always be perfect or may be the end of a line and not repeatable, however if you are looking for cheap yarn then this could be a great option.

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