Hemorrhoid Treatment - Do You Know How to Treat Your Painful Hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoid Treatment varies depending on the source of the problem.
Some hemorrhoids can improve without medical treatment.
This happens if hemorrhoids are caused by constipation.
Your doctor may recommend a change in diet with higher intakes of fiber and green vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains and bran.
Also recommended is the consumption of 8-10 glasses of liquid a day.
If you have protruding hemorrhoids that are swollen and painful, the treatment may be required bed rest and an ice compress on the anal level.
Ice should be wrapped in a towel and applied to the painful, swollen area.
Never leave the ice to come in direct contact with skin and apply this treatment for at least 20 minutes, maximum three times a day.
Hemorrhoids can be treated using superficial creams available on the market through direct application.
Several days of treatment can usually sufficient to calm the irritation.
These over the counter creams are not effective for all cases of hemorrhoids, however.
More severe cases of hemorrhoids should be treated by a specialist.
A possible treatment is to use an elastic bandage.
This method can be used both in private practices and specialized clinics.
The procedure involves placing an elastic bandage to the hemorrhoid with a special applicator.
The most serious cases are those in which there are piles of grade 3.
Such piles extend well outside and require removal by surgery.
This type of surgery is effective in 90% of cases.
When you follow any hemorrhoid treatment plans is very important to avoid constipation, otherwise hemorrhoids may recur.
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