3 Tricks to Implement for the Perfect Website

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The beginning stages of your website design go either one of two ways: you are obsessive and crazy over the smallest decisions, such as font and colors, or you neglect some of the important issues because you're completely unaware that they are even relevant.
Regardless of which route your brain decides to take, neither of them are good. You don't want to obsess over things that don't matter and then forget about the things that do. The design is what will catch the attention of the reader.
If you're beginning to design your website, there are three design secrets that have been discovered when creating the perfect website.
Continuous Scrolling
While this isn't necessarily new, it has been proven to be more beneficial to the business or company's website
Continuous scrolling is the option you give the reader, regardless of what they have chosen to browse on your website, to continue browsing without hitting any extra buttons. For example, if they are viewing the blog and have finished the story they clicked on, you would provide them with the option to just continue scrolling down to view the next story.
This option is a wonderful choice for those who are just interested in reading more and more information but are unsure of what to click on or even the small group of people who would rather use the keyboard than the mouse. It gives the reader the opportunity to stay focused on your content rather than going back, looking through all of the stories available, having to make a decision, etc. If they come across a story that is not relevant to what they're looking for, they can just continue scrolling.
Design for mobile
Do you remember typing in a website on your mobile device and having to choose between which sites you wanted to view based on your device? For some reason, once you clicked the mobile option, the site went all wonky and didn't work right or was missing links. It was a mess.
Now, you have the ability to design your website so that it is compatible with mobile and desktop devices. Instead of making two different sites, you only have to create one.
This is beneficial for many users because the amount of people choosing to go mobile is continuing to grow. While the switch may not be made entirely, more and more people will choose to use their mobile devices, whether it's a cell phone or an iPad. Allowing the consumer to browse the site without making them choose the alternative option gives them the freedom to continue doing things the way they are used to.
Parallax Scrolling
Parallax scrolling has actually been around for quite some time, first showing its face in video games but making its way to web design around 2011.
In case you didn't know, parallax scrolling is when one layer of the page does not move at all, such as the background or top homepage buttons, but the second layer, such as the story they are reading, does scroll. Unfortunately the name sounds much more interesting than its function, but it truly serves an important purpose.
The reason parallax scrolling should be implemented into all website designs is because it gives the reader the chance to surf through your content while still allowing them to see the buttons or links that matter. After your blog has served its content marketing purposes, your reader will still see their option to sign up for your newsletter or register their email to receive updates.
This gives your content a chance to do its job but still lets you have the option to reel the reader in with your signup box and incentive. Everyone is guilty of exiting a popup before its even read - parallax scrolling gives the user the chance to find that signup box right away instead of sifting through pages and pages of information.
Source: business2community.com
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