Levee System Coatings to Help Environmental Remediation

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Now that we have drained the water out of New Orleans and into Lake Ponchartrain; we must figure out how to fix the environmental problem we have created there by pumping the pollution and toxins into the Lake.
Lake Pontchartrain is an eco-disaster after draining the Soup Bowl of chemicals, sewage and debris from New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the storms, rain and precipitation, which followed.
Although the City of New Orleans may now have to be reduced by allowing the water to retake part of New Orleans lower elevation areas, we now need to concentrate on what to do with Lake Ponchartrain.
Lake Ponchartrain was making a strong comeback in the years prior to Hurricane Katrina, as nature always does find a way to clean itself and renew.
The environment is proving to be quite resilient indeed, still it could take years before you would want to catch and eat fish out of that Lake.
I propose that we coat the levees holding back the lake water with a special coating which will clean the lake as the small waves hit it.
We have modern coatings and environmental dispensers, which can do this.
I propose we put underwater boxes, which would release encapsulated timed pellets.
These pellets would be made of material equal to the density of water.
The material would also be made very distasteful to fish, underwater vegetation and sea life; yet would clean the Lake.
I further propose that we also use Underwater Autonomous Vehicles (AUVs) to clean some of the underwater and bottom areas of the lake by delivering encapsulated timed release bio-remediation materials; we may find that we can clean the large volume of water very quickly.
We would have to set up the AUVs in an underwater grid pattern and they could run on Solar Power and Electricity or Hydrogen Cell Hybrid Systems.
The dispenser boxes would also have a small frequency unit inside for monitoring the water quality and send a signal when depleted, so new material could be placed in the box.
Timed released biological and environmental remediation is nothing new, many environmental engineers use this to help reduce large algae blooms which threaten drinking water supplies, affect water quality or are a danger to sea life.
Think on this.
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