Plastic Surgery After Weight Loss Sculpts the Body

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Whether you've just lost ten pounds or one-hundred, you may have noticed that your body didn't return to the shape you expected it to.
Either minor or massive weight loss can stretch the skin beyond natural repair, leaving behind unsightly stretch marks, saggy skin, and unwanted lumps.
All of the exercise in the world won't make that skin shrink back to size.
If you find yourself unable to trim and tighten certain areas of your body, you might consider some of the plastic surgery options.
There are many different plastic surgery procedures available that can help sculpt your body back into shape.
Liposuction: Liposuction is an effective procedure for those looking to smooth minor bumps, bulges, and other fatty areas that are resistant to diet and exercise.
You may find that no matter how many crunches you do, you just can't make those love handles vanish.
If that's the case, then you may be a good candidate for liposuction.
During the procedure, the plastic surgeon will place a hollow tube into the target area.
The tube is moved through the layers of fat and will act as a vacuum, sucking out excess fat cells.
The process can be used in a variety of areas from the knees and chin to the stomach and thighs.
It is important to remember that liposuction is not a way to lose weight, but rather a sculpting tool.
The biggest perk is that once performed, the results are usually permanent.
As long as you maintain your weight, you probably won't have to worry about accumulating fat there again.
Tummy Tuck: The tummy tuck is a very extensive procedure which should only be considered in extreme cases.
It is often the only solution for those who were previously obese, and a massive weight loss has left them with an apron of sagging skin hanging over the belly.
The procedure involves making a long incision just above the pubic area in order to make it as concealable as possible.
Excess skin is cut away (including stretch marks when possible), and the muscle is sewed tight back into place.
This cosmetic surgery can transform your body, but the recovery period can be long and difficult.
It also leaves very visible scarring.
Lifts: There are many different types of lifts that can be performed on various areas of the body.
Common ones include arm and thigh lifts.
A lift can successfully tighten and sculpt skin that sags excessively.
These procedures vary slightly depending on the region, but all basically involve the same process.
The length of the incision will depend on the size of the area to be operated on.
The entire length underneath the arm will require a large, visible incision while a smaller area underneath the buttock will be less noticeable.
Excess skin is removed and the remaining is sewed tight back into place.
Recovery periods will vary, depending on the extent of the surgery.
It is important to thoroughly research all cosmetic surgery options and potential surgeons before committing to any procedure.
Remember that every surgery carries certain risks.
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